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Stock Market for Beginners

Complete Starter is a perfectly designed course, which aims to teach you the basics of Stock Markets, Technical Analysis, analysis of Financial Statements as well as value investment strategies and portfolio& Risk management

It will help the students to gain a clear understanding of the basic terminologies of Stock Market, various facets of Financial Statement, various concepts of Technical Analysis, such as different types of charts, gap analysis, support & resistance, Bollinger bands, etc, and value investment strategies undertaken by famous value investors.

They will also be able to develop their own investment framework to check whether a stock is a value stock or not.


After going through this combination of courses, the participants will gain knowledge on the basics of stock trading, stock indices stock exchange, financial intermediaries, as well as common size analysis and ratio analysis and finally value investing strategies. They will also learn about the practical application of various technical analysis techniques in the financial market. The details of some of the favorite trading platforms of the instructor will also be shared with the learners.

Learn Stock Trading Strategies and Investing Strategies

Buy and Hold" Trading

This is the passive approach used by many individual investors when they trade stocks or buy stocks online. You choose a stock which you hope will go up in price and/or pays an attractive dividend, and plan to keep it indefinitely. This approach is easy, but subject to losses if the market goes against you.

Active Stock Trading

This is the approach used by many traders and investors who want to maximize their opportunities and minimize their losses. You don’t execute stock trades every day, but you monitor your holdings frequently and make adjustments where appropriate in your portfolio.

Day Trading (also called Short Term Trading or Momentum Trading)

Day trading is for the stock trader willing to devote a little time each day in return for the potential of regular income. Technical analysis, stock market training, and experience helps them find good stocks to invest in where they can quickly open and close a position.


This combination of programmers will help the learners:

  • To understand financial statement analysis by using ratio analysis and common size analysis
  • To understand the essentials of the Stock market, Stock Exchanges, Financial Intermediaries and Stock Indices
  • To learn technical analysis concepts and see their practical application in the financial markets
  • To learn about the author's favorite trading pattern, which is a ready to use trading system in itself
  • To develop a comprehensive investment evaluation framework

Stock Market Training Program

Technical Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Advanced Technical Analysis

Derivative Engineering

Financial Literacy Program

Technical Analysis For Beginners

How To Discover Multibaggers By Analysis Insider Deals Data

How To Analysis Opne Interest Data and Enter Into Profitable Swing Trades

Profitable and Indicator Combinations

Trade Rooms

We have three trade rooms that we provide to our community members. In effect, our trading chat rooms are where the action really takes place each day. The Bullish Bears team live streams the markets every morning for a couple hours and does live tranding,real-time mentoring, charting and training for our trade room members.Make sure to our free stock trading course first before trading with real money.

We strive to help our community members to become self-sufficient traders.In fact, we're not stock pumpers.teaching is our passion. As a result, we help to empower our members to becomes their own traders and not rely upon some guru to call out trades to them.

We are all about giving a hand-up and not a hand-out to our community. In the long run, this mindset will help you to become a profitable trader.

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This combination of programmers will help the learners:

  • Joint Certification by NSE Academy Ltd & Trading Campus
  • Our course is offered in both format ONLINE and OFFLINE
  • 100 Hours of practical training on Real Time Markets
  • 100+ built in strategies with back testing feature
  • Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge of capital markets after completion of course
  • Web Learning system with Recorded videos for future reference
  • Placement opportunity with top brokerage houses
  • Two months internship for top successful candidates

Course Fee

Rs 20000 (Duration three Months)

One Month Training and Two Months Practical